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Dilana Smith - Vocals
Neil Otupacca - Hammond Organ & Keyboards
N I c Angileri - Bass 
Pino Sicari - Guitars
Francesco Jovino - Drums


Heavy Rock - Italy/Swiss/Netherland


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This is a highly anticipated, passion project, that’s beenin the making for what seems like forever. Pre-production was a long and bumpy road with many musicians and artists crossing it. Thankfully, many new friendships were made along the way.
In the beginning there was only Marina De Pizzol, a lovely girl with a super high voice, and I.

Three songs from that era have survived and were included on the first Vanishing Signs album. Years later, Marcello Vieira, a Brazilian guy from Lisbon, was a great help to restart the machine!
From then on, pre-production never stopped. I always imagined a female voice for this project and discovered Maggy Luyten on Youtube. She is incredibly talented and powerful. So we worked a few days at her home in Belgium. The last three tracks of the album were born. Unfortunately Maggy was available only as a guest.
And so the hunt for a new female vocalist began again... until the day when a video of Dilana Smith appeared on my laptop screen. BAM! What a luck! No need to waste words to explain South-African born Dilana, just listen to the tunes.
Nic and Pino, long-time mates, have been part of the project since the very beginning. Mark joined us during the last part of the pre-production and we rejoined Francesco in the studio after some years passed since our last collaboration.
Finally, David kindly played the drums on my last and favorite “child”, Too far from never.
- Neil Otupacca


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