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Crazy Hammer 2022
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Didier Delsaux - Lead Vocals

Karim Alkama - Guitars & backing vocals

Mathieu Papon - Guitars & backing vocals

Marc Duffau - Bass & backing vocals

Daniel Pouylau - Drums & backing vocals





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Heavy Metal - Tarbes / France


Crazy Hammer was founded in 1987 as a metal band from Tarbes in the South West of France, composed of Karim Alkama & Mathieu Papon on guitar, Alain Garcès (ex Killers) on bass, Didier Delsaux on vocals, Daniel Pouylau on drums.

Crazy Hammer then composed a debut album "Besoin De Survie" in 1988, which remained only as demos.

Two other demos "Break The Wall" in 1989 and "Land of Fire" in 1990 followed.


The band gives a few concerts only in the south-west of France, will play in the first part of Trust in 1989, and will unfortunately separate in 1991.

Didier and Daniel will join Manigance.


The reformation will have taken place in 2015, around the original members, Karim & Matt on guitars, Didier Delsaux, the voice of Manigance, and Alain Garcès, only Daniel Pouylau is replaced by Yves Manceau on drums, bring back to life, most of the titles of the first era. Thanks to the talent of Mathieu Papon which gives them a more current sound, they also compose new songs in order to release soon an album mixing old and new inspirations.


Crazy Hammer's style can be called melodic heavy speed metal since it is close to bands like Helloween, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, sung in French and English.

Only a few concerts given in 2016 at La Gespe de Tarbes or in 2018 at the Bidache Festival,


At the end of 2018, Didier Delsaux, the emblematic voice of Manigance, left this band to devote himself entirely to Crazy Hammer and an album project is on the way ...!

2019 is the year of the 'Resurrection' self-produced album, bringing together old and new songs sung in French and English.


In 2020, new change of line up, the original drummer Daniel Pouylau (former Manigance) is back behind his drums, Marc Duffau (former Manigance) takes the place of the bassist.


With this new solid and strong line-up, Crazy Hammer signs with Rock City Agency to take care of their booking…

Their first real album 'Roll The Dice' will be released mid 2022.


Now it’s time for the Hammer to crush some brains…. !!!!




Crazy Hammer 2022



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