Kingcrown 2022
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Powermetal - France


Jo Amore - Vocals

David Amore - Drums

Seb Chabot - Bass & Backing Vocals

Ced Legger - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Bob Saliba - Guitars & Backing Vocals 


Rock Of Angels Records



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November 2015, a few hours after leaving Nightmare, Jo Amore (vocals, former Now Or Never) and his brother David (drums, Archange) decided to start a new project: Öblivïon, an another band, featuring Markus Fortunato, the six string bass maestro, with his wild melodies (Fortunato).​ Completing the line-up were Steff Rabilloud (former Nightmare, Urgent) and Florian Lagoutte (former-Despairhate) with their powerful guitar riffs.

At the end of 2018, after recording an amazing first LP called ‘Resilience’, which was praised many times in the metal media (released by our label, Rock Of Angels Records), the band played many shows all around Europe.

However, after a lot of thought, some extensive discussion and the agreement of the record label, the band has decided that it will grow stronger than ever under a new name.

So KINGCROWN is born from the ashes of Öblivïon !

​Jo Amore said -"We believe that this new name is a perfect fit with the epic and majestic theme of our lyrics and music!"

2020 - 2021, During this difficult period of world pandemic, the envy left some members of the band, leaving Jo and David Amore to continue the adventure alone.

KINGCROWN, the French Heavy Metallers met in the south of France to resume writing material for their long-awaited third album.

Earlier today the band shared a new photo of the new line up around Jo Amore - Joe Stump’s Tower Of Babel, former Nightmare, Now Or Never & David Amore drummer - Archange, former Nightmare.

At the end of spring 2021, 3 new musicians join the brothers, with a long experience in studio and on stage :

Bob Saliba on guitar/backing vocals - guitar Rubicon, bass/vocals Galderia former Debackliner, Stonecast -,

Seb Chabot on bass/backing vocals - vocals/guitars Galderia, former vocals Engraved -, finally Ced Legger on guitar/backing vocals - Embryonic Cells, former Headless Crown, Lachesis.

 Jo Amore went on to say that KINGCROWN's last writing session on the French Riviera in early July and August went really well.

Jo said -"The best thing, we're not killing each other, but we're working really hard with this new line up, we're having a lot of fun, we have about ten or 12 things ready to go and at this point, we think we have a great album, maybe the best one of our career, the first demos are very good and encouraging, in our humble opinion, we will record it".

"KINGCROWN is back in town and resume his place on his throne,  KINGCROWN is dead, Long Live the King ! "


A Perfect World
Öblivïon / Resilience


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