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Stéphane Graziani - Vocals
Thierry Huylebroeck - Guitars
Rodolphe "Rudy" Bousquet - Guitars
Jean Michel Berger - Bass
Bruno Laguide - Drums





Hard Rock - Paris France


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K.O.B was founded in 1997 and got its final line up in the early 2000 .


In 2001 the band focuses all energy on the conception of a first album which will be released on 2002, March 27th and entitled "Mekanism Of Time"  LP is edited and distributed by Brennus.


The second album was recorded at "Opus Systèmes" studios in Vanves. It is released in May 2004 under the Anvil Corp. label. "Strafe The Underdogs" received a rather warm welcome.


In 2007, Nicolas Blaizeau (E.X.I.T) takes temporarely  Stéphane Graziani's seat as new front man and proposes a new singing style.


The following year will be devoted to the conception of the band's third album :  "Close To Dawn". The LP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fred Rochette at PnF Studios in August / September 2008. Brennus Music releases this album at the end of April 2009.


After a  break from 2012 to 2015 , the band raises again. In 2016  Jean Michel Berger (Skeleton Crew)  on the bass  guitar and Stéphane Graziani as front man.


The band locks itself in, rehearses and composes and draw a new set list up with a mix of new and old songs mainly  picked up from the first and second album. A few covers are also on the menu as a dedication of band's favorites metal masters hits.


In  2018, the band pushes the door of the PnF studio with Fred Rochette on the helm.

The same year, the album [A]live and Raw is released.


Will follow a series of gigs  such as, the Cirque Electrique in Paris, the Normandy Métal Fest, the Festival Montereau Confluences, the Festival Mennecy Métal Fest (2017 and 2019), the Barde Atomique, the Titan's Club in Belgium, Spirit & Friends Métal Fest, Le Run Cap Sud, the Laval Rock Fest, Le Fréquence Métal Fest, etc ....


2020  is an important  step stone for KOB and the band is getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary by producing, among others, a 5th album!


Alive And Raw
Close To Dawn
Strafe The Underdogs
Mekanism Of Time


KOB- mennecy 2017.jpg



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