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Powermetal - Sweden


Pasi Humppi – Vocals

Tomas Wäppling – Guitars

Patrik von Porat – Guitars

Oskar Lumbojev – Drums

Nicklas von Porat – Bass




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Metal ensemble founded in 1998 by guitarists Tomas Wäppling & Patrik Von Porat during the first wave of Swedish Powermetal alongside bands like Hammerfall, Nocturnal Rites o Lost Horizon.


In 1998 the split cd "Swedish Metal Triumphators Vol1" was released by LNP. The split also features LNP labelmates Persuader.


The debut album "Warchants& Fairytales" saw the light of day in year 2000, released by LNP. Songs like "Guardians Of The Night", "The Woods Of The Elvenking" and "Dragonsong" among others made this a very solid album.


In 2002, Freternia released the concept album "A Nightmare Story" on Arise records. "Grimbor The Great", "Shadowdancers", "Requiem" and "New Hope" are considered to be some of the highlights by the fans.


After a short break Freternia signed to Greek label ROAR - Rock Of Angels Records and "The Gathering" (mixed and mastered at The Panic Room) was released 14/6-19.

The album with new drummer Oskar Lumbojev and bassplayer Nicklas Von Porat has received a lot of positive feedback and high scores in reviews.


Through radioshows and official videos the music gets constant air/playtime as well as on the digital platforms such as youtube and Spotify where digitally remastered editions of "Warchants & Fairytales" and "A Nightmare Story" is available. (ANS releasedate 27/9-19)


In fast, aggressive, yet melodic Metal spiced with tempo shifts and clever lead guitars delivered by Caparison guitarist Patrik Von Porat, the band has built a strong foundation for singer Pasi Humppi. With his unique voice and wide register Freternia gets instantly recognized.

Pasi possesses a charismatic stage prescence and loves to interact with the crowd.

A live performance with Freternia ensures neckache and sore throats.


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