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Frank Vortex - vocals

Aurelien Gonzalez - guitars

Francois Odonnet - guitars

Sidi Assila - bass

Alexandre Prudent - drums


Music Records



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Thrash Metal - Paris


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From the ashes of the Thrash project TRIAKANTHOS, Nico and Alex decide to keep it going in 2009, finding Tom on the bass, Shamane and Franck on vocals and guitar.

The basis of a solid band, definitely thrashy is set.

The band starts by playing very small venues but keeps on a good pace of one concert per month. With Pierre arriving on the guitar, replacing Franck, a more ambitious and technical direction is given and they keep on scouring the ratholes of Paris.

The style gets more complex, from the classic Thrash as played by Megadeth and Metallica back in the days, to the most brutal side of Thrash reminding of early KREATOR and SEPULTURA, with hints of grooviness inspired by Testament and PANTERA.

2011 has been more calm as the band recorded the first album.

In April 2013, Dead Tree Seed's first album 'Seeds of Thrash' is born.

During the summer, Pierre and Tom leave from the band for personal reasons.

In 2014, Aurelien (guitar) and Sidi (bass) join Dead Tree Seeds and the band performed numerous shows all over France with in particular opening for Angelus Apatrida.

Change kept on going in 2016 as Alban chose to live in Germany and Nico left for musical reasons.

Dead Tree Seeds kept on writing 10 songs for the 2nd album, which will be in the same spirit as 'Seeds of Thrash'.

At the end of 2018, Ivan (guitar) and Frank Vortex (vocals) are welcome in the band, with 3 shows in May 2018 up to now including opening with No Return, Mercyless, Insanity Alert....

Early 2019, Ivan leaves the group for professional reasons and is replaced in the process by François.

April 2020, Dead Tree Seeds sign with the label music record and the 2nd  album 'Push The Button' will be out in July 2020 (digital) and October 2020 (physical)

2021, during the pandemic, Dead Tree Seeds record an EP with a new song and three songs from the first album re recorded with the new line up. This EP will be release in the beginning of 2022.


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Seeds Of Thrash


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